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Sculpting Nature into Art

Discover the essence of nature, art, and simplicity. Experience floral design from an artistic point of view. Visual Lyrics is dedicated to creating memories that are as visually wonderful as they are joyful, inspiring Love for nature's gifts and beauty. Our artist create exceptional floral art for Weddings, Parties, Special Occasions, and Daily Deliveries in any style from classic romance or free spirited to old world or vintage, from extravagant to casual. We offer many unique gifts and artworks that express our desire to be ecologically responsible. Indulge your senses with the sight, aroma and emotion of beauty, and share that experience with someone special.


Tuesday - Friday 10am to 5pm

Saturday 10am to 4pm



Our talented team will create your vision,

with a unique and artistic point of view.

We seek fresh, organically grown,

rare blooms to celebrate your wedding day.

Beautiful Blossoms Presented in an Unforgettable Way



Have a look at our Ceremony designs for some great ideas.




Your Reception is the prime celebration time for you and your guests, find ideas for your reception here!


Cake Decor

Have a look at some great examples of cake decoration.


flowergirl ringbarer

Flowergirl & Ringbarer

We have a variety of baskets, pillows, and boxes for the little ones taking part in your special day.


Our Bouquet's

We have a wide variety of new and old designs for you to browse through. Visit our gallery to find the right look for you!




Check out our gallery of boutonnieres!



Corsage & Bracelets

For many wonderful examples of corsages and bracelets for the important ladies of your wedding day, visit our gallery!

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